Anna Enea is a compassionate and effective meditation and yoga teacher.  I am so thankful to Anna for sharing her insights and experiences and leading the way to help others discover the peace in their own hearts.  Her ability to truly practice what she preaches in regards to "standing serene in the center of life's storms" is truly inspirational. I feel empowered by her teachings to handle a recent loss in my immediate family with much less grief and regret than I would have thought possible.

Although I have a long standing yoga and meditation practice, I always find Anna's classes to be engaging and supportive. I thank Anna for being an amazing and inspiring teacher and lighting the way for so many.

I would highly recommend any and all of her classes and retreats.

-Ann Doherty RN Berkeley, CA

Anna Enea is special. Goodness and love flow through her and in working with her, one can't help but pick up a little. She is grounded and a clear-eyed spirit at the same time. Her yoga practice has been a truly wonderful part of my own practice. 

-DBP, Physician, Half Moon Bay, CA

Anna is an extraordinary yoga teacher and taking her class regularly makes a big difference in the way my body feels throughout the week and month. She focuses on the spiritual benefits of yoga, and this quiet space is rare in our hectic lives. I also feel more limber and have less neck/shoulder tension when I come to the class every week. I regularly repeat the affirmations to remain calm and keep my perspective, in all my weekly activities. ("I am alright, right now" might be my favorite!)

-Amy Cowan ~ Half Moon Bay​


If you really want to learn how to meditate and don't know where to begin, I recommend you take the Meditation for Higher Awareness Class from Anna.   Meditation has given me balance and a sense of inner peace.  And taking classes from Anna has also helped me to understand how meditation benefits our body and mind.  This is a great class to learn how to make meditation a part of your life.  

-Barbara Vaudt,  Half Moon Bay

It was a magical trip. San Gemini was like going back in time. We were the only Americans in the village that I noticed. Many Italians came to the festival from the neighboring hillside villages. It is nestled amongst many little towns ( Spello and Gubio to name a few) that you can visit as well as beautiful Orvieta. The castle is amazing and is decorated like it is coming out of the pages of "Architectural Digest".  Every window has an incredible view. The chefs are wonderful and everything is homemade. Lastly, Annie is incredible!  I had never done Yoga before and had done meditation once before. I never missed a session.  It was wonderful. It was a great experience and pleasure to meet all the great women that went on our journey. Each one was special and the last day it was hard to say "Ciao Bella".

-Sally  Interior designer  Napa Valley 

Anna Enea is an inspirational instructor.  My experience with yoga was nil.  Anna is making yoga a distinct and gentle experience. It is great for increasing my flexibility, opening and strengthening my spine Increasing my flexibility and balance.  Anna's gentle voice encourages me to try more and more difficult poses while making it a body and mind experience.  She always remembers to remind me " Don't forget to breath.     


I attended Anna Enea's Meditation Series twice.  Why twice?  Because it was so enjoyable the first time that I just had to go back for more.  During the weekly sessions we participated in a tea meditation, a silent walking meditation in the forest and numerous forms of sitting meditations.  Anna taught us how to use a mantra and our breath to keep the river of mind chatter at bay.  With her encouragement I have stuck with the practice.  Just being around Anna's joyful spirit is reason enough to want to learn meditation. 

-Kathena, retired teacher ~ HMB

It has been a real joy as well as a wonderful experience for me to be part of Anna's yoga classes.  Anna's positive attitude, sense of humor & kind spirit radiates throughout her class to create a fun, loving environment & as a yoga instructor, she has been for me personally,  an inspiration for "my body", "my mind" & "my soul!" Namaste, ​​

-Hilary, Larkspur, CA

I have taken Yoga classes from Annie Enea for several years now. She is very knowledgeable about the philosophy of yoga and health in general.  She incorporates gentle yoga postures, as well as gentle strength training and meditation into her classes.  It's great that she is always willing to show the students modifications of postures if needed, and she encourages us to listen to our bodies.  I would definitely recommend Annie for beginners as well advanced yogis!

-Geri Jones, HMB  ​​

I look forward to my weekly yoga with Anna, who is both instructor and physiologist.  She freely shares her knowledge and discoveries about the body, and yoga and meditation's effects on it.  I leave Anna's class feeling healthy and balanced, and I have learned techniques and gained an awareness that help me make the most of life's moments.

-Georgia, Half Moon Bay​

Annie Enea is a generous, gifted, and inspiring teacher.  I've had the good fortune to take private and group yoga and meditation lessons from Annie and I invariably leave her classes feeling simultaneously uplifted and grounded.  Annie's compassionate kindness and depth of experience in her field have helped me to define the path I need to follow at this point in life.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone who seeks the benefits of truly restorative yoga and meditation.

-R. A. Reid, Ph.D.  Foothill College, Los Altos Hills

I can't thank you and praise you enough for your work as a trainer. You really get it! You understand and respect what it's like to be a busy woman with lots of demands on her time. I get such good results from your routine. Thanks, Anna

-Patty, K.   Moss Beach​

San Gemini was a magical town with wonderful people, great food and the festival activities were just amazing!

Thanks for your leadership each morning with Yoga and meditation this was a great way to start our days.

-Jon and Deb  Italy


You will adore the Palazzo, Santi Terezi in San Gemini.  Where else can you experience the nightly revels of a midieval village just a few minutes walk from your front door?  I was enthralled with the flag throwing, the authentic costumes and the drama of the contests. Each night the town square provided me with a new adventure.  I watched an excellent dramatic production.  All in Italian, of course, which I do not speak, but I enjoyed every moment of the play.  As the week progressed I began to see myself as a member of the community.  The village is small and therefore one is easily able to fold into the rhythm and flow of daily activities. Often I was greeted at I walked about. 

We began each day with meditation in the Palazzo's tower.  The view alone is a meditation and should be enjoyed morning and night.  For those who were interested Anna provided a nightly yoga practice before dinner.  The daily yoga and meditation was a highlight of the trip for all of us.  It keep us centered and healthy  throughout our journey.

One of the delights of our journey was our evening meal which was prepared by our own very accomplished chef.  She surprised us with one amazing meal after another.  I suggest that you take a notebook to the table as I did  and jot down a few notes.  I returned home inspired to try some new ways of cooking. It is impossible not to get hooked on the truffles.  They seem to be harvested by the truckload in Italy.  You will pay dearly for them here so enjoy the luxury while you can.    

The Palazzo Santi Terezi  is a holiday treasure.  While there you will find it easy to imagine life in ancient times and yourself as royalty.  

-Kathena Avelon,  Half Moon Bay​

Idyllic surroundings and amazing people made for one of the best weeks I have experienced.  Our villa was filled with smiles and friendship (and some fairly rambunctious dinners) as we explored the art of meditation and yoga through Anna's graceful and seasoned leadership.

I loved it!! 

- M.  Dunn, CFO 

I'd say your serene, calm and very inclusive approach had a lot to do with making the Hawaii health week a  success. We sure had a couple of intense yoga sessions there that spoke deeply to my heart. 

-David, Accountant  ~Vancouer, B.C.​

I've worked with Anna for about 8 years. She's by far the best trainer I've ever had, for two reasons. First, she is so good at what she does that she is able to work out a program for me no matter what curves I throw her. She can adapt. And second, I especially appreciate her range of training and experience, from yoga to meditation to weight training to nutrition, and the seamless way she puts it all together to work with the whole person, body, mind and spirit. 

Patricia McKowen,  Moss Beach, California

I have had the pleasure of knowing Annie Enea for over 25 years.    During these years Anna has demonstrated remarkable talent in promoting wellness through natural means such as holistic nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, biofeedback,and healing touch.   Anna has taught me many valuable lessons from making space for my meditation practice, focusing on the present and the many benefits of yoga. She is very good at helping beginners modify poses as well encouraging advanced asanas to experienced students. I have attended many different yoga classes and Anna's are by far the most relaxing and inspirational for me. Namaste! 

-ALD, RN, San Leandro

The San Gemini palace was an awesome 7 night stay, for me.  The spirit of  yoga, was an invigorating start to each day!

The medevil festival brought energy and activity to the town square.   Having the vehicles took us to spectacular water Falls,  Roman ruins, beautiful churches....etc

It was special to share the evenings, at a beautiful table set with delicious foods, wines, conversations, and laughing, it was truly a bonding experience.  After dinner, we would try our luck  at the town lottery!

San Gemini will always hold great memories for me.

-Lisa RN  San Leandro

(650) 533-4400

I was part of Anna’s Goddess Italy Yoga Retreat this past Oct 2014, and what a heavenly, spiritual journey, it was indeed! Plus I hadn't felt that relaxed, in such a long, long time!

In a nutshell, it was truly a wonderful & enlightening experience which was filled with fun, memorable times; exciting daily trips to some magnificent historical places; and delicious fresh home cooked Italian meals that our wonderful chef, Daniela, would lovingly cook for us daily; & then of course, starting off each morning with Anna’s wonderful and  invigorating yoga & meditation. That made us felt energetic all day long.  And relaxed in the evening as well.  What more can one ask for?

 This trip not only will definitely add spice to your life & touch your heart, but will transform you on all levels as well!~

-H.N., Marin ​

I honor Anna's calm, cheerful presence as a yoga teacher.  She creates a caring, comfortable environment in which everyone can feel important.  Her teaching style is good at adapting to whatever group she's teaching.  Even though we honor the classic poses, she also teaches and makes room for the necessary modifications.

She's been a great mentor for my daughter who hopes at some point to give back by teaching yoga.  Blessings!

-Shelly, Half Moon Bay