When I was only 12 years old my father had a massive heart attack and we almost lost him.  Afterward, I became interested in what causes heart disease and how it can be prevented and even reversed.  This led me to study preventive medicine and optimum health.  I learned that while genetics does play a role, your chosen lifestyle and your beliefs are the key ingredients to wellness.  I now know that through your beliefs you can change your genetics, as the science of epigenetics has now confirmed.

You can live a long active life by making wise choices.  Your quality of life is a direct reflection of your choices in lifestyle, your perceptions,  and the thoughts you think.  The good news is the human body is amazing and can repair and heal itself back to health at any age, it is never too late to improve your overall well-being!

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My formal education is extensive because to me it is impossible to work in wellness without studying the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the human being.  All aspects are connected and affect the whole. I started off as a health educator working for the American Lung and Heart Association.  I have my Bachelors of Science in Health Science/Community Health Education and Public Health.  Later I specialized in Exercise Science and Nutrition getting an MS in these areas.  I studied biofeedback and became interested in the mind and emotions, which led to my interest in psychology  and spirituality.  Which then led to studying Yoga and Meditation.  I have advanced certifications in teaching both meditation, yoga nidra and hatha yoga from Ananda and the Amrit Institute .  I have also studied with Eckhart Tolle and in India.

   I now focus most of my work in the area of spiritual development through teaching hatha yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, forest bathing, and spiritual teachings.  I have found these practices to be the key to leading a truly present and authentic  life.   I found this as I studied the human being from the outside in.  I now know that:

It is the inner work that makes the changes on the outer.

I donate 10% of my profits to three different non-profit organizations:  
*The Michael Enea and Sal Enea O'Brien  Fund for Peace at the East Bay Community Foundation
*Expanding Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center & Ananda Valley Farm