Dustin page 132-133

Bella's Poop!

Hearts Everywhere  Page 87 

Toilet Paper Butterfly page  94

We Fly With Sal  page 85

Leaf Heart in my neighborhood on a walk with my friend, Marie

Rainbow Cappuccino

Lauren's Healing Rainbow Page 83.

Rainbow Journal.

Bella's Pee Pad heart

Sal and Arthur

Stone Heart on Hiking Trail

Rainbows Everywhere!  Page  75

Page  75 - 76  Speaking of Sal and Love Pacific Grove

Sal's Sanctuary of Peace Yurt spoken of throughout book

Hearts of Light!  No obvious source

Bella's Pee Pad heart!

Geri Jones Rainbow on Cupboard

page 135.

Bella's Poop Hear

Lauren page 130.

Sal and Arthur energy Page 102​

Double Rainbow over Clear Lake  Lauren page 132  Dustin page 133

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Coastside Path page 83