​Anna Marie Enea has a Bachelors of Science in Health Science/Community Health Education and Public Health.  She is specialized in Exercise Science and Nutrition getting an MS in these areas.  She also studied and was certified inbiofeedback and became interested in the mind and emotions, which led to her interest in the spirit which then led to studying Yoga and Meditation.   Anna Marie is certified in yoga at the advance 500 hour in both Ananda Yoga and Amrit Yoga.  She is also certified in teaching yoga to heart and cancer patients through Yoga of the Heart.  She is certified in Yoga Nidra by Gurudev, Amrit Desai.   Anna Marie is certified in both levels 1 and 2 for teaching meditation. 


Private sessions are available for yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, and spiritual counseling.   These private sessions can also be combined, such as yoga and meditation.
Sessions are in

~ The Sacred Garden Studio ~ Half Moon Bay.


Sound healing and Yoga Nidra 

Saturday January 4th noon-1:30 

Ananda Valley Farm HMB  

$40 at the door and $35 if reserved email Anna Marie for more info.  

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Meditation is one of the most powerful tools available to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  It is simple to learn.  The benefits of meditation that the yogi’s have been aware of for thousands of years are now just beginning to be validated in Western medicine.

Special Events

Intention meditation 

January 4th 2020

AVF  noon- 1:30

$35.00  email Anna Marie for more info 

We keep the groups small and intimate.  

(650) 533-4400